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 Corporate office: 724-746-4004
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  (234) 567-4541
Emmanual "Mike" Ellenis, 
Vice President - Operations
​Bryan Investment Group, Inc.
Investor Services
Bryan Investment Group, Inc. takes special care to understand the unique needs of each of our investors to assist in all aspects of investor services. Our attentive staff makes every effort to ensure you are 100% satisfied.  

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Bryan Investment Group, Inc. established in 1971, focuses on the expertise and energies of experienced professionals to effect the profitable development and delivery of oil and natural gas resources. As an independent producer with over four decades of experience serving investors and the need for energy, Bryan Investment Group historically blends profits with integrity and social responsibility.

Over the last four decades, Bryan Investment Group, Inc. has drilled over 600 wells from 36 previous partnerships and 57 joint ventures which continue to provide return from developed reserves.

Bryan Investment Group, Inc. plans to continue to build financial strength by strategically increasing investment in our own drilling, joint ventures and attractive acquisitions. Investment partners can be confident that management works diligently to bring quality and enhanced return for their investment.
Contact Us
Bryan Investment Group, Inc. 125 Technology Dr, Suite 105, Canonsburg, PA 
 (888) 637-9908, Fax:  (724) 746-6004, Email: info@bryaninvestment.com
Bryan Energy Management, LLC
125 Technology Dr
Suite 105
Canonsburg, PA  15317
(888) 637-9908
Fax:  (724) 746-6004
email:  info@bryaninvestment.com
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Cynthia Bryan, Vice President - Investor Services